cognitive & behavioral therapy of OCD and related anxiety conditions

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This Practice Welcomes Diversity

Conditions Treated

Social Anxiety: only when secondary to one of the conditions above

Teletherapy & Masked In-Office Sessions


In light of the continued safety concerns presented by COVID-19, sessions are primarily offered via video to clients in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Starting March, 2022, masked, in-office sessions will be available to selected clients. Outside of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, teletherapy sessions are only available to residents of certain states, owing to legal and licensing obstacles.


Internationally, there are no legal limitations on video therapy. This service is available in following regions or countries:

virtual treatment of OCD to residents of New Zealand
Western Europe
Virtual CBT for OCD offered to residents of Europe
Eastern Europe
Latin American
New Zealand
Virtual treatment of OCD for residents of Australia
Insurances Accepted
Ages Treated

Teens 17 and older

I work with teens starting at age 16, seeking treatment for OCD. I am very cautious when accepting teens. It is essential that the person have the maturity and motivation to commit to therapy. I do not work with teen who are being forced (or court mandated) into treatment by a parent or school. Teens must also be substance free.


Young Adults

Anxiety can be a roadblock during the transition from adolescence to independent adulthood. Not uncommonly, obsessive compulsive symptoms worsen with the challenges of college or starting a career. Consequently, this is a phase of life when therapy can have enormous impact.



I work with adults seeking treatment for one or more of the anxiety disorders I treat. Onset of anxiety usually predates adulthood. However, obsessions and/or anxiety can start in the postpartum. If retired, I do require that the person be engaged in community activities

Telephone Screening

I conduct a brief telephone screening prior to setting up an initial appointment in order to review the symptoms for which treatment is being sought. The screening is also intended to rule out conditions and circumstances I do not treat. I do ask that that all prospective clients read through this site, particularly my approach and the conditions I treat prior to contacting me.

What Is Explored
  • The specific anxiety symptoms and behaviors you are struggling with.
  • The reason(s) why therapy is being sought now.
  • Co-existing anxiety disorders and other conditions beyond minor depression secondary depression and/or mild ADHD are present.
  • That motivation and commitment to change is very high and that the decision to seek therapy is not driven by pressure from family, parents, partners, schools or a legal process.
  • The importance of being able to tolerate the significant distress experienced when facing fears and reversing avoidance.
  • The organizational skills CBT requires to complete homework: readings, monitoring and charting.
  • I review the cognitive and behavioral therapy approaches I use, particularly the Inferential Based Approach (IBA)
  • The impact that pandemic has had and is having on your life
  • I also review my commitment to inclusion and diversity across race, gender, sexual identity, religion country of origin
  • Finally, I, regrettably, I can no longer work with Republicans who continue to support Donald Trump and anti-democratic movement he has spawned

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Treatment of Obsessional Spectrum Anxiety

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